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Toetag Pictures

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Label:  Toetag Pictures (USA)

Region:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
RCE protection:  No
Copyright protection system:  None

Disc type:  2 x DVD5 (the data occupy 1.81 & 4.36 GB)

Playback time (hh:mm:ss.frames):  1:10:57.15

Video:  Interlaced NTSC (taken from MiniDV source)
Aspect ratio:  1.34:1 non-anamorphic

Bitrate (min / avg / max):  1.41 / 2.11 / 4.35 Mbps

Bitrate (min / avg / max)


English Dolby Digital 2.0 / 256 kbps

Subtitles: None

Menus available in: English

Special features:

Disc 1
Director's commentary (Fred Vogel, in English)
Commentary by Fred Vogel, Aaron & Ben LaBonte (in English)
Snuff Edition's exclusive killer's commentary (in English)
Trailers for "August Underground" (2:03), "August Underground's Mordum" (1:13)
& "August Underground's Penance" (1:27, in English)

Disc 2
An introduction by director Fred Vogel (1:20, in English)
"Hammer to the Head: A Closer Look at August Underground" (1:06:46, in English),
including "August Underground: On Location" & "August Underground: Behind the Brutality"
"Too Real for Comfort: An Outsider's Perspective" (1:41:41, in English)
Slide show (12:30, with music by Poppa Pill - "Murderer Living Next Door")
"Murder-set-pieces" trailer (3:00, in English)
Toetag crew with a fan (5:04, in English)

Notes: This is the limited Snuff Edition, signed by the members of cast & crew.

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Toetag Pictures

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