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Regia Films

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Label:  Regia Films (Spain)

Region:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
RCE protection:  No
Copyright protection system:  None

Disc type:  DVD9 (the data occupy 5.46 GB)

Playback time (hh:mm:ss.frames):  1:42:35.08

Video:  PAL
Aspect ratio:  2.30:1 anamorphic

Bitrate (min / avg / max):  3.02 / 7.01 / 9.37 Mbps

Bitrate (min / avg / max)


Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 mono* / 192 kbps
English Dolby Digital 2.0 mono* / 192 kbps

Subtitles: Spanish & English

Menus available in: Spanish

Special features:


Notes: Only available in Regia Films' "Film Noir" 2-disc set,
together with "Experiment in Terror."

OK, the Spanish edition of "Bunny Lake Is Missing." You may as well ask "Why?" when the US/UK editions are readily available and cheap. (Let me explain my reluctance to buy DVDs from Spain - until appeared not so long ago, I simply couldn't find a shop that wouldn't charge tens of Euros for delivery to the Czech Republic, the winner being one whose name I mercifully forgot asking for 50 EUR for a 6.95 DVD w/ delivery estimate of 30-90 days!! Talk about laugh... I nearly did! :-P I can have 2-3 days FedEx delivery from Japan for half that price...) Well, I decided for the Spanish DVD for one simple (or shall I say stupid? ;-)) reason - the others' covers are darn atrocious! :-P It always beats me why people bother Photoshopping crappy new artwork, when there's a perfectly good - nay, classy! - poster available, in this case:

Original poster artUS / UK editions

Spanish 1-discerThis edition

Anyway, I must add a thing or two about the DVD itself, this being a DVD review. (c: So, one - I've read on the Internet that (at least) the US DVD's opening title sequence is extremely windowboxed, and people reported the same of a TCM showing of the film. Here, the title sequence is the same size as the rest of the film, but it does seem blurrier, as if upscaled from a lower resolution. And, the other thing... I forgot! :-D So here's at least a bunch of artefact examples I happened to notice:

51518 / 51519 / 51520 / 51521 / 51522 | 139978 / 139979 / 139980

Regia Films (frame 51518)

*difference between channels is -41.48 dB (0.84 %),
resp. -70.93 dB (0.03 %)

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