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Vydavatel:  FINNKINO (Finland)

Region:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8
RCE ochrana:  No
Systém ochrany dat:  None

Typ disku:  DVD9 (the data occupy 7.72 GB)

Délka (hh:mm:ss.snímky):  1:26:28.18

Video:  PAL
Formát obrazu:  2.37:1 anamorphic

Datový tok (min / průměr / max):  6.62 / 7.69 / 8.86 Mbps

Datový tok (min / průměr / max)


Finnish Dolby Digital 2.0 / 192 kbps
Finnish Dolby Digital 5.1 / 448 kbps

Titulky: Finnish for the deaf and hard of hearing,
Swedish, English & Russian

Jazyky menu: Finnish, Swedish, English & Russian


  • Making of (16:13, in Finnish)
  • Trailers (in Finnish)
    • "Sampo" (3:13)
    • "Nummisuutarit" ("The Village Shoemakers," 2:30)
  • "Kalevala" (2:17, in Finnish)
  • Vintage commercials (in Finnish)
    • Aura beverages (0:16)
    • "Onnenkahvi" (0:58)
  • "40 Years of Suomi-Filmi" (10:14, in Finnish)

  • 16-page booklet (part Finnish, part English)

Firstly, big thanks to my esteemed friend L.A. for getting this DVD for me! (c:

L.A. was very enthusiastic about this release, based on the Finnish National Audiovisual Archive's new resto of the film, and I can't but share his enthusiasm - the presentation looks excellent indeed! I'm always quick in pointing out print damage and, well, deficiencies in general, but there's nothing really for me to mope about here.
     OK, there's the odd speck of dust or a glowing hair popping up every so often, but the only thing worth mentioning I spotted are these two frames (below, always the middle one of the three), where an FX shot went momentarily wrong (certainly no print damage, that):

12104 / 12105 / 12106 | 12140 / 12141 / 12142

FINNKINO (frame 12104)

The encode is solid too - the next example is of a "violent snowstorm" scene, and the two pics I selected had the highest quantisers (compression) in the entire sequence:

106541 | 106543

FINNKINO (frame 106541)

Well, that's it... I can't comment on the extras (my Finnish is just not up to scratch :-P), but for the film alone - get this while it's hot!

P.S. A wink and a nod to Petr S., the curator of Zóna:

FINNKINO (frame 11671)

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