AK Vidéo (frame 3235)

AK Vidéo

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Label:  AK Vidéo (France)

Region:  2, 3, 4 & 5
RCE protection:  No
Copyright protection system:  None

Disc type:  DVD5 (the data occupy 2.86 GB)

Playback time (hh:mm:ss.frames):  11:45.13*

Video:  Interlaced PAL
Aspect ratio:  1.29:1 non-anamorphic

Bitrate (min / avg / max):  2.12 / 4.68 / 8.55 Mbps

Bitrate (min / avg / max)


Russian Dolby Digital 2.0 mono** / 192 kbps

Subtitles: French (burnt-in)

Menus available in: French

Special features:


Only available on "Les maitres de l'animation russe, volume 1: Youri Norstein" DVD, together with:

This is one ugly DVD. With the exception of "Skazka skazok***," all the shorts feature interlaced transfer, and burnt-in French subtitles. With the exception of "Secha pri Kerzhentse," the films contain English title cards, or burnt-in English subtitles on the original cards.

*the first 2,850 frames (1m 54s) consist of a scrolling text commenting on "25-e - pervyi den" (in French)
**difference between channels is -55.67 dB (0.16 %)
***not counting the first two minutes

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AK Vidéo

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